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Double lamella for bed underspringing system

Sperrholzwerk Schweitzer GmbH, St. Marienkirchen, Austria

In-house design: Johann Schweitzer



The double lamella is a successful combination of both form and function. Its soft upper lamella has a high suspension travel, while the supporting lower lamella ensures that the human body does not sink in too deeply. Both lamellae are bonded together in a one-step process. This gives the upper lamella an initial tension that makes it remain fatigue-free even after long loading times. Furthermore, the upper lamella features a downward slope on both sides, preventing the material from breaking. At the same time the lower lamella supports the upper one with a ridge in its centre. Thus the product made of high-quality rotary-cut beech veneer guarantees a long-term statics.

Upholstered furniture production and bedding