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Design sheet

Franz Kolar GmbH, Brunn/Geb., Austria

In-house design Jaroslava Linha, Reinhard Spieß, Christoph



Duoplex® is a composite material consisting of real wooden strips and acrylic glass, which are arranged in grids or strips. This combination of these two different materials and the resulting aesthetics open up a range of design possibilities. The composite material has been developed for furniture and interior fittings, for instance as filling for partitioning walls and furniture fronts, as decoration in doors, or to set detailed accents in the furniture sector. The haptic quality of the wooden surface is preserved, while the intermediate spaces feature the smoothness of acrylic. The surface is closed on both sides and flushly aligned, thus allowing for easier cleaning. Since the wooden strips have been inserted into the acrylic sheet they have high stability with regards to both length and width. Depending on the type and the radius, Duoplex® can be bent, thus increasing the range of applications.

Materials and surfaces