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skai® cool colors Venezia

Upholstery Material for Outdoor Furniture

Konrad Hornschuch AG, Weißbach, Germany

In-house design Ralf Imbery, Bruno Lehmann



skai cool colors Venezia is a high-quality upholstery material for outdoor furniture that is produced using “cool colors” technology. This involves using special colour pigments that reflect up to 80% of the UV radiation in the near infrared range. This reduces the heating of the upholstery material by around 20%, i.e. it remains up to 15 °C cooler than other textiles. At the same time a nano coating makes the material weather and UV resistant. The fine textile appearance of skai cool colors Venezia is sporty yet elegant, and its weave structure gives it a pleasant feel.

Upholstery manufacture and bedding